Frekari hjálp og stuðningur


Farice leggur sig fram við að tryggja sem mest öryggi veiðiskipa og áhafna. Ef upp koma vandamál vegna veiða í kringum sæstrengina má hringja  í síma 568 1050

Hér fylgir nánari umfjöllum á ensku.

Fouling a submarine cable can be extremely hazardous. In areas where submarine cables are present, fishing methods interacting with the seafloor along with anchoring and the improper disposal of heavy objects create a significant safety risk for vessels and crews. Interaction with submarine cables also imposes a disruption of international telecommunications and damage to broader economic interests. Submarine cables are very expensive to repair and can impose a considerable financial burden to responsible parties.

The links to the right are for on-line resources that show methods and rules to deal with emergency situations. Resources for locating Farice cables can be found in the Fisheries section of this website.

Fishing has been the dominant economic activity of Iceland and the Faeroe Islands for centuries. We support any interaction with the fishing community that will improve safety and support our traditions as seafaring peoples.