Upgrades of the Farice network to a 100G system completed

New technology enables seamless 100Gb/s waves from Reykjavík to northern Scotland


Farice ehf has in co-operation with Ciena corporation  completed phase 2 of the 100G upgrade of the Farice network.

The upgrade brings several benefit for Farice that the customers can enjoy in the future. 

  • A more unified network with a seamless wave over the terrestrial part (716 km) and the submarine part (1205 km) is more cost efficient then previous network configuration
  • A state of the art system with 100G in the core is prepared for the future demanding customers who will require 40G and 100G interfaces
  • A tenfold increase in the total capacity of the submarine cable as well as the terrestrial network.  The total  fully lit capacity  of the Farice-1 submarine cable is now around 8 Terabit/s.  This will meet the demands of the high bandwidth customers of the future.
  • The improvements in optical technology will ensure that the investments of Farice will be in use for yet another decade at least.

The upgrade completes the work that started in January 2013 with the upgrade of the Danice cable to Denmark.

for further information : mailto:orn.orrason@farice.is